Deadbolt Specialist  has the best solutions for securing your work van or cargo van .Up to date, we have installed over 2,000 Cargo Deadbolt Van Locks in Miami, Broward, Homestead and Palm Beach.

We cater to the public as well as dealerships. All of our Cargo locks

come with a lifetime warranty.


Protecting your company work van should be a top priority.

Crime prevention and security experts estimate that a work van every

30 minutes in the United States gets broken into for power tools.

Padlocks is another option installed on the outside leaving it exposed

to the elements and time consuming to get in and out of your van.

The average worker gets in and out of their van more than  20 times a

day. Padlocks can be a bit of a challenge.


The deadbolt electric locks are installed inside the rear door and side door, making your company work van a bank vault.

Easy access to your van at the touch of a button .


      Lifetime warranty.    Free shipping.

      Return Policy 10 Days  with a 20%  "Restock fee"