The deadbolt locks are installed inside the rear and side doors, making the locks tamper-proof, unlike padlocks and factory installed locks. Cargo locks  can be integrated with a remote control alarm system, or a keyless entry system for those who want to get in and out of their work van conveniently!
If your van has an aftermarket alarm system or aftermarket keyless entry. you can order the kit without the keyless entry module. save money.
$195.00  Ford and Chevy  KIT #1
If your van does not have any aftermarket alarm system or aftermarket keyless entry. this kit comes with the keyless entry, 2 remotes, wire up with the 2 relays (make it easy for install 4 wire hookup)  $260.00  Ford Chevy  KIT#2
The product comes with everything you need to install; wire harness, 2 deadbolt locks, side door and rear door, bracket and spacers and relays set up ready for easy installation. Each kit also includes a LINK on YouTube  to guide you step by step for easy installation.

Tools required for installation:
  • Drill (preferrably cordless)
  • Unibit (can find at any Homedepot)
  • Wire cutter
  • Wire crimper
  • Socket wrench

New Redesigned  2016   Deadbolts Cargo Electronic Locks

Ford  Econoline  E Series  1992 -- 2016       Chevy Express 1995 -- 2016

Kits are in STOCK and available only for side swing and rear doors.  

SIDE SLIDING door kits are not available until  OCT, 2018. If your cargo van has side sliding doors, check back with us monthly.

All of our deadbolt kits come with a "lifetime warranty"

Return Policy 10 Days  with a 20%  "Restock fee"